Pond Tiger

Pond Tiger

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The Pond Tiger is the same size as a residential Pool Tiger and is used to enhance water quality in tended ponds and other small-to-medium sized bodies of water. Working in tandem with a pump and filter, Pond Tiger clarifies water and helps to control contaminants. It is not harmful to fish, other wildlife or aquatic plants.

Your customers can avoid exposure to various chemicals – and the health risks associated with them – because Pool Tiger’s all-natural, chemical-free processes  do what the chemicals do, but much more safely.

- Kills contaminant two ways

- Reduces the need for chlorine & other chemicals by up to 90%

- Clarifies water by eliminating suspended particles

- Simplifies water balancing

- Eliminates excess cyanuric & other acids

- Cleans scale and biofilm from pool surfaces, pipes and equipment

- Protects surfaces from scale and staining

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