How to Buy a Pool Tiger

Pool Tigers can be purchased through Pool Builders, Pool Service Companies and Pool Supply Stores. If your favorite pool pro or pool store isn’t yet a Pool Tiger dealer, mention this site and let them know that signing up is a snap. Because Pool Tigers are made right here in the USA, you could have your Pool Tiger in a week or less.

Caution: Make sure to buy your Pool Tiger from an authorized Pool Tiger dealer. Discount resellers on the internet are not authorized – the units they are selling are not our latest version of Pool Tiger and are not eligible for the lifetime warranty. Click the WARRANTY link for more information.

Pool Tiger Benefits

4 Ways Pool Tiger Reduces the Need for Chlorine

- Kills contaminants

- Removes suspended particles that harbor contaminants

- Reduces excessive levels of cyanuric acid that mask the effects of chlorine

- Provides a barrier of structured water at water’s surface that inhibits the escape of chlorine

Chemicals You Probably Won’t Need with a Pool Tiger

Become a Pool Tiger Dealer

Benefits of Structured Water in Swimming Pools and Spas

Structured water tends to collect at hydrophilic surfaces such as pool walls and floors. There it forms a protective layer known as an Exclusion Zone due to its tendency to reject any material that is not structured water. In essence, structured water:

- Protects against scale by preventing minerals from adhering to pool surfaces

- Protects against staining and the adherence of biofilm

- Reduces evaporation and inhibits the escape of chlorine

IMPORTANT: Structured water also helps to protect the body, which is hydrophilic, from absorbing contaminants and chemicals.

Contaminant Killer

See Independent Lab Report on Pool Tiger's Anti-Microbial Power


Suspended particles in pool water absorb light and make pool water look murky and uninviting. Pool Tiger’s all-natural process imparts a negative charge to these particles which causes them to clump together in agglomerations that soon reach a size easily captured by the filter.

This is why Pool Tiger pools are renowned for crystal clear water.



The production of chemicals used to sanitize and maintain swimming pools introduces a variety of pollutants into the air. When swimming pools are drained, chemical-laden pool water can have a devastating effect on downstream ecology.

An ongoing need for replacement parts for water enhancement devices like ionizers and UV units represents a drain on natural resources and a negative impact on the environment.

Because it dramatically reduces the demand for harsh chemicals and does not require replacement parts, Pool Tiger stands alone among water enhancement devices as the most environmentally friendly of all enhancement options.

Changes to Expect When Retrofitting a Pool Tiger

Pool Owners

Why Pool Tiger?

Health – reducing exposure to harmful chemicals makes for a healthier swimming environment

Practicality – Pool Tiger dramatically reduces chemical costs

Easier Maintenance – the exclusionary property of structured water virtually eliminates the need to brush pool walls 

Extended life – by eliminating mineral buildup, Pool Tiger increases the life expectancy of surfaces, equipment and accessories

Pool Builders

Why Pool Tiger?

Ease of Use

Pool Tiger was designed to be completely trouble-free. It requires no replacement parts, electricity or regular maintenance.

It is also self-cleaning. In addition to cleaning and protecting pool surfaces, pipes, accessories and equipment, the structured water it produces cleans and protects the Pool Tiger itself.

Lifetime Warranty

Pool Tiger now comes with a non-prorated full-replacement lifetime warranty for Pool Tiger owners who register their Pool Tiger purchase with the company. This can be done on our website or by completing and returning the postage paid warranty card enclosed with every Pool Tiger. 

Unregistered Pool Tigers carry an automatic 5-year warranty.


Constructed of hardy thermoplastic and containing no moving parts, the self-cleaning Pool Tiger is designed to last. The original prototypes are still producing the same kinds of results they did when they were first installed more than twenty years ago.

No Electricity Needed

Pool Tiger is activated by the flow of water as driven by the pool pump. As such, it does not require electricity.

Because Pool Tiger is not powered by electricity, it does not ionize metals like copper and silver.

Service Companies

Why Pool Tiger?

Consistency – by stabilizing water chemistry, Pool Tiger eliminates the chemical fluctuations that restrict pool usage

Control – Pool Tiger’s contaminant-killing ability helps to maintain proper sanitation between scheduled maintenance stops

Customer Satisfaction – a healthier and more inviting swimming environment means better customer reviews and retention

Fiberglass Manufacturers and Installers

Why Pool Tiger?

Learn How Pool Tiger Protects Fiberglass Pools

Vinyl Pool Builders

Why Pool Tiger?

Longevity – provides protection from mineral buildup to prolong the life of vinyl liners

Stain protection – prevents biofilm and organic debris from adhering to and staining vinyl liners

Chemical reduction – significantly reduces the need for chlorine to prolong the life of vinyl liners, and provide a healthier swimming environment for pool users

Pool Tiger Product Line

Pool Tiger’s technology, which is featured in both the residential and commercial units, has been adapted for spas and ponds as well.

The Pool Tiger

The residential Pool Tiger is rated for pools up to 50,000 gallons.

A commercial version works for all commercial applications and residential pools over 50,000 gallons.

The Spa Tiger

Pool Tiger’s technology, which is featured in both the residential and commercial units, has been adapted for spas and ponds as well.

The Spa Tiger is a miniaturized version of the Pool Tiger, downsized for easier engineering and retrofitting but powerful enough to easily exceed the sanitation and enhancement standards for spas.

The Pond Tiger

The Pond Tiger is the same size as a residential Pool Tiger and is used to enhance water quality in tended ponds and other small-to-medium sized bodies of water. Working in tandem with a pump and filter, Pond Tiger clarifies water and helps to control contaminants. It is not harmful to fish, other wildlife or aquatic plants.

How it Works

Hydrodynamic Cavitation

Structured Water

The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack

Pool Tiger Installation

Pool Tiger is very easy to install. It ships fully assembled with unions and requires no electricity. Unless a loop is required due to space considerations on existing equipment sets, an experienced installer should be able to complete the installation within 15 minutes. 

On new pools, the Pool Tiger should be installed last on the return line. On existing pools with a heater, it should be installed before the heater on the return line. If the return line is too short to install the Pool Tiger in line, use 8 elbow fittings and extra PVC to create a loop. Pool Tiger can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 

IMPORTANT: Pool Tiger will not work if not installed in the correct direction.

Click Here to Download Installation Instructions & Pump Operating recommendations

Activating Pool Tiger

Pool Tiger operates on the flow of water as driven by the pool pump. It activates at a minimum flow rate of 8 GPM. In essence, the device converts the energy provided by the pump into a variety of benefits. 

The more the pump runs, the more Pool Tiger is doing to sanitize, clarify and enhance water quality as well as protecting pool surfaces from buildup and staining. Should heavy bather loads, inclement weather, algae infestation or other conditions detrimentally impact water quality, we recommend that pump run times and flow rates be temporarily increased until water quality improves.


My pool is nice and clear, and I haven’t had any problems with it – and we know it’s because of Pool Tiger. We had a cloudy pool before and now it’s as clear as clear can be. Before we got the Pool Tiger we were having all kinds of problems with our pool and after we got the Pool Tiger we haven’t had any more problems. We absolutely feel a difference in how the water feels. It makes your skin feel silky and soft – and everyone who gets in our pool says so.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

The Pool Tiger has been an invaluable addition to our pool! Since installation, the water has been clearer, we have used far less chemical, and the water chemistry has been even easier to maintain. The 2020 summer was our first summer using the Pool Tiger – this is also the first summer that we have not battled mustard algae in approximately 15 years. We have to credit the Pool Tiger for that. Customer support has been very impressive as well!! We highly recommend the Pool Tiger to anyone who owns a pool!

Smithfield, North Carolina

I take care of about 150 pools a week and always have some pools that are always very difficult to get cleared up. Here in Florida, we deal with water temperatures in the 90s, and I had one pool I was about to give up on and tell the customer to find someone else to take care of it. As a last resort, I told the customer I was going to try a Pool Tiger on it. A week after installing it, as I walked up to it, I wasn’t sure what happened — the water was so crystal-clear I thought I was looking at air. When I got back to my office I ordered 30 more Pool Tigers. My customers LOVE them and so do I. They have made my job easier taking care of pools.

Gloria Hughes
Summers Pool Cleaning Service
Pensacola, Florida

We have been using the Pool Tiger water enhancer for a few years. We have noticed the water quality has improved on pools we thought were perfect and more importantly the chemical demand has decreased. In the past season this was has been a life saver with the tri chlor shortage.

The most notable and upfront improvement is the lack of maintenance necessary to keep the unit operating efficiently and the ease of installation! There are no power requirements or flow restrictions and the warranty is bullet proof!

Initially when we installed our first unit we noticed a slow but steady improvement in how pristine the water quality was on our trial pool (my own pool / again we thought it was 100% prior). Since then we have been installing them on every new pool we build and retrofitting existing pools to achieve the same benefits. We have installed dozens of units and are very pleased with the performance.

The Pool Tiger is a compliment to any pool. It's a significant upgrade to swimming pools using basic chlorine methods. We have found it’s also a significant upgrade to our more complex swimming pools with UV, Ozone, chlorine generators and a multitude of other sanitization systems to enhance the performance.

Thank you,
Isaac A. Keselman
The Aqua Doctor
Certified Building Professional
NESPA - Metro Chapter President
2019- 2020 / 2020-2021

Our water is really clear now. Everything seems to be working well. I know we’re using less chlorine. The water smells better. It feels cleaner for sure, and very refreshing.

Ed M.
Austin, Texas

My pool is 19 years old and I have always maintained it myself, with help from my local pool company. Last summer while I was at the pool store having my water tested and purchasing chemicals I was told about the Pool Tiger and given information to do my own research. I did and was intrigued by the claims but passed because I thought it was too expensive. When I opened the pool this year I discovered I needed to replace my inline chlorinator. When I contacted my pool company about replacing the inline chlorinator, it was recommended to me to install the Pool Tiger instead. At this point I already had to shock my pool twice and had spent almost $100 on chemicals. So I took another look at the Pool Tiger and decided to have it installed. I figured that if it saved me $200 a year on chemicals then I would be ahead.

I am so glad I did. After just one day of running the Pool Tiger my pool was crystal clear and sparkled. The first time I swam I noticed the water felt different – lighter and softer. When I took a shower after swimming I noticed I didn’t smell the pool chemicals washing off my skin and out of my hair. My grandchildren swim in the pool regularly and haven’t complained about their eyes stinging from the chemicals.

Less pool maintenance, less chemicals, crystal clear water, better on your skin, eyes and hair – I wish I would have installed the Pool Tiger last summer!

Clovis, California

We stayed at a home in the Kohala neighborhood of Oahu for five weeks during July and August 2018. The house had a pool and sauna. We loved loved loved the pool. We are a water family, and will usually spend several hours a day in ocean/river water but are usually driven out of pools after an hour or so due to the chlorine. Not in this pool. We would spend entire mornings in it, playing and floating. No chlorine smell, and no chlorine feel even on the eyes. We always got out feeling refreshed and happy. We don’t want to go back to any other kind of pool! We’re booking the same place for next summer, in large part because how much we enjoyed that water.

Montreal, Quebec

I thought my pool was always in pretty good shape, however, I was excited about the prospect of using less chemicals for health reasons. I installed the Pool Tiger and am amazed every time I look at my pool, and even more amazed when I get in it. The water is absolutely the best it’s ever been. It takes so little work now to keep it that way.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I am an attorney and was extremely skeptical of the Pool Tiger doing anything for me. I bought it just to help a friend. But I must admit, I have been extremely pleased and surprised. The Pool Tiger far exceeded by expectations. I had a real problems with algae springing up quickly and often, before I installed the Pool Tiger. After I installed the Pool Tiger, the amount of chemicals I had to add were dramatically decreased, and my battle against green algae went away. Last summer was sooo much easier to care for my pool. I was going to hire a weekly pool service because I was ready to give up. But after I installed the Pool Tiger, I have easily been able to keep the pool water clean and clear myself. The Pool Tiger is saving me money and making my life easier. Thanks, Pool Tiger! I highly recommend the product.

Bryan Farrer
Midlothian, Texas

This is an update on the performance of the Pool Tiger that was installed on our fiberglass pool on March 25, 2020. I have maintained a log to document the outcome of the Pool Tiger. To set a baseline, this pool had severe iron staining, constant water scum build up, slight chalking on the walls, and if not vacuumed out weekly poor water clarity. Chemistry swings not severe but needed slight maintenance weekly.

After the installation of the Pool Tiger, the pool is circulating 12 hours daily, within the first 24 hours of circulation the water clarity is noticeably improved dramatically with sun reflection (sparkling), and water clarity, especially visibility in the deep end of the pool. Within the first week, waterline scum basically cleaned itself. Metal stains (iron) are still noticeable but seemed lighter in color (note: water sample indicated pH level higher than ideal).

After the second week, in cleaning the main filter (2weeks) it was very noticeable that debris, particles, scum, was much more evident compared to cleaning the filter every 4-6 weeks. Chalking in pool became non-noticeable.

The third week I noticed that the reflection of the sun and walls staying clean created a waterline that has a ½ inch of an amazing fluorescent glow. The water itself had a pleasant odor such as a light Lilac smell, very refreshing. Most definitely can witness the claim of the Pool Tiger producing negative ions by having a more relaxed feeling spending 3-4 hours in the pool than before (fact: my wife experiences high anxiety levels at times and I have noticed a large calming change within the last three weeks with actively using the pool).

Metal stains were still present and since the Pool Tiger was performing as claimed we decided to use a very mild stain release agent (Suncoast “Stain Gone”) at ½ less the recommended amount. Within 1 hour the stains were suspended and released from the pool giving the appearance of a new (snow white) pool. I’m very confident that with the iron being suspended that the Pool Tiger will operate as it should and agglomerate (clot) up the particles large enough for the main filter to capture. While this is in the early stage of stains suspended, weekly cleaning of the main filter will occur for the next two to three weeks and should eliminate the stains re-appearing completely.

Having a background in the petroleum industry I understand the Hydrodynamic Cavitation Theory works as claimed by:

-Producing water vapor bubbles that create heat, killing bacteria, viruses, algae, parasites, and agglomerating (clotting) particles large enough to be captured by the main filter producing the sparkling clean water.
-Balancing chemistry and creating a clean sparkling pool water that cleans the pool reducing cost and need to spend time preparing the pool, but rather enjoying the pool.
-Producing in the cavitation process the creation of negative Ions which not only actively cleans the pool but triggers Serotonin levels which are absorbed and aids in calm energy levels, focus, moods, and the feeling of relaxation.

Greg Van Stechelman
Lakewood Ranch, Florida

I installed a Pool Tiger on my own pool to check it out for myself. In less than a week I could see a difference. It dropped acidity levels and the water just sparkles now. It even smells better. And there’s almost no buildup on the walls. I’ll be recommending Pool Tiger to all of my clients for sure.

Beverly Russell
Clear Care Pools
Austin, Texas